Venue Enhancement & Mood Lighting

Venue Enhancement & Mood Lighting in Leicester

We also specialise in venue enhancement in Leicester. After selecting your venue, let your creativity soar! Our premium LED lighting is designed to elevate and metamorphose any function suite or marquee.

You have the freedom to choose any colour that complements your theme, whether it’s for colour-washing walls or creating a subtle mood-lighting ambience. Whether you want to illuminate the entire space or focus on the dance floor area, the choice is yours. Additionally, don’t overlook the fact that we can also illuminate other areas such as bars, entrances, balconies, and passageways.

Marquees provide an ideal canvas for our LED uplighting, allowing you to replace standard white halogen lighting with the dynamic, vibrant colours produced by LED par cans. For outdoor events, our festoon lighting adds a touch of sophistication.

Choose a static colour to align with your event’s theme or transform your space into a lively nightclub with scrolling and chasing colours that synchronize seamlessly with our high-end lighting modules, projecting captivating beams of colour and patterns across your dance floor.

Each light is individually controllable, allowing for a single colour throughout the room, alternating colours, or even a random assortment. The possibilities are endless, and we can bring any lighting effect to life – the only limitation is your imagination!

Enhance your venue with Starlit Backdrops & Drops

Star cloths, Starlit Drapes, and Drapes are available for rent in Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton, and throughout the Midlands. Our dedicated team ensures that your event looks truly spectacular!

Star cloths work wonders in transforming a dull room into something magical. Whether you opt to adorn a single wall or envelop the entire space, the results are nothing short of stunning. The rising popularity of our star cloth backdrops at weddings and parties is attributed to their ability to swiftly and affordably revamp the venue’s appearance in just a matter of minutes.

For creating a striking focal point, starlit drapes are perfect – whether positioned behind a DJ or band or gracing the backdrop of the top table during your wedding breakfast.

All our drapes are crafted from high-quality fireproof materials, and our star cloths are equipped with dedicated controllers. This allows our customers to customize the speed, brightness, and patterns that the cloth can display.

Pro Tip: An excellent application of star cloths is using them as room dividers. If your wedding breakfast and reception share the same space, a star cloth can cleverly conceal the dance floor area, providing an elegant separation for your room.

Check out the before and after pictures from a village hall in Leicester below. Our client opted for these facilities but desired coverage for the stage. As evident from the images, star cloth proves to be the perfect solution for masking unsightly walls or features without sacrificing valuable space.

Have you ever thought of using a marquee for your event?

Experience the epitome of stylish celebrations with Bradgate Event Marquees. Their exquisite marquees offer an ideal way to elevate outdoor parties.

For marquee rentals in Leicester and the Midlands, your search ends with our esteemed partners at ‘Bradgate Events.’ From the trendy ‘Capri’ marquees to the breathtaking traditional ‘Elegance’ marquees, we have the perfect structure for any setting or requirement. In addition, they offer furniture rentals, draping services, and comprehensive event production.

Tailored for garden parties and weddings, Bradgate Event Marquees also presents an impressive array of gazebo options.

Marquee rentals in Leicester and the Midlands have never been this visually appealing or budget-friendly.

Wedding LED Love Letters are perfect for venue enhancement.

Standing at a towering height of over 4 feet, our LED LOVE Letters make a fantastic enhancement to any wedding reception.

The static white LED bulbs not only add an aesthetic touch but also serve as a practical illumination source, casting a radiant glow over the dancefloor and event space.

Their charm is heightened when paired with our Plain White Dancefloor or White LED Starlit dancefloor. As the lights dim and the DJ begins to play your favourite tunes, the cool white LED bulbs come to life, enveloping the dancefloor in a delightful, feel-good vibe.

VIP Post & Ropes and Red Carpet

VIP Post and Rope rentals are frequently coupled with our VIP Red Carpet, creating an elegant touch for wedding receptions, milestone birthday celebrations, and corporate events.

These combinations are particularly sought after for themed occasions, such as James Bond soirées, Cocktail & Gin nights, or even glamorous Oscars parties.

The VIP Post and Ropes serve as a symbol of sophistication and allure, adding a touch of glamour to your event. For further details on Venue Enhancement in Leicester, please contact us.

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