Wooden Dancefloor Hire Leicester

Wooden Dancefloor Hire Leicester – We supply a range of dancefloor hires in Leicestershire and the surrounding counties. The Wooden Dancefloor Hire is especially popular for traditional weddings and rustic or vintage-themed events. This dancefloor looks great in any function room, hotel or marquee hire.

The Wooden Parquet Dancefloor is where it all began. At the turn of the last century, all the grandest hotels in the country installed wooden parquet dance floors in their ballrooms for the regular hosting of dances. Ever since then the parquet floor has been a firm favourite for dancers of many styles.

Our team of professionals will deliver and install your dancefloor usually within an hour of arrival. Stainless steel edging is fitted around the perimeter providing a smooth sloped access, making it safe and easy for your guests.

Our dancefloors are available to hire throughout the midlands, including Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire & Rutland.

Follow the guide below to calculate your dancefloor size. If you need any assistance, then please call us on 07808 330 233, we would be happy to help. For more information about our range of dancefloor hires, please contact us.

Size Guide

12ft x 12ft – 25 Dancers

14ft x 14ft – 40 Dancers

16ft x 16ft – 60 Dancers

18ft x 18ft – 80 Dancers

20ft x 20ft – 100 Dancers

22ft x 22ft – 120 Dancers

24ft x 24ft – 140 Dancers

26ft x 26ft – 160 Dancers

Wooden Dancefloor Hire Leicester
Wooden Parquet Dancefloor Hire Leicester
Wooden Dancefloor Hire Leicester